The method of winning at Martingale Roulette originates in France in the 18th century and can be applied to different types of gambling. For convenience, we will only deal with the application of the method to online roulette tables. The roulette winning system is very simple and can be used by all types of gamblers, even newbies.

The way to win is to bet on online roulette following a simple rule: double your bets when you lose, halve your bets when you win. For convenience we make an example of the application of the method to win: first of all we bet on red or black, even or odd. We bet 10 euros on black, if black comes out I repeat the bet but betting 2.5 euros.

If the red comes out and I lose, I repeat the bet with 10 euros. It is very important to calculate your bankroll before using a roulette winning system like this one.

The strategy to win at Roulette Labouchere

The Labouchere system, also known as the Cancellation System or Divided Martingale, is a widely used method on roulette tables all over the world, including online roulette. This system to earn money at the online casino is a little more complex than the others, we recommend that you write the numbers on a sheet of paper so as not to confuse the online roulette games.

So let’s start with the explanation of the application of this winning roulette method . We write on the sheet the numbers from 1 to 5 (1-2-3-4-5) and for convenience we will match 1 to 1 euro, but it could take any value. You play online roulette on red or black, choose the color and don’t change until the end of the sequence.

The first bet will have the value of the sum of the external numbers, 1 and 5, ie we will bet 6 euros for example on red. If we win online roulette the next bet will always be on red and will have a value of 2 plus 4, that is 6 euros. If we win the next one will have a value of 3 or 3 euros. If you lose, we will add a number to the roulette strategy list, the number 6 in this case.

The bet will always be on red and will have a value of 1 plus 6, i.e. seven, if you win the next one will be 2 plus 5, if you lose we will have to add another number to the sequence of the system to win at online roulette.

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