Let’s get to the heart of our analysis and consider the first strategy to win at roulette , the one devised by the Austrian Count Patat. It is a winning strategy that allows the player to get an 85% chance of winning by betting 1 to win 3. How does this system apply to win money at roulette?

The player must bet for example 6 euros on the first column, and 5 euros on the third column. He will also have to bet 1 euro between 0 and double 0, and 1 euro between the blacks of the second column, that is, between 8 and 11, 17 and 20 and between 26 and 29. When all bets have been correctly placed, there will be an 85% chance that the ball will land on one of the winning numbers with one of these bets, giving a profit of two euros, in addition to the return of the bet made obviously.

The system to win at Roulette d’Alambert

One of the best known methods to win at online roulette is the one invented by the French physicist and philosopher Jean Baptiste Le Rond D’Alambert. The result of his mathematical statistical studies is the Alambert Theorem, also known as the Gauss-d’Alambert Theorem which, applied to gambling, to online roulette, becomes one of the most popular roulette strategies.

Alambert’s system for winning online roulette is very simple, obviously it does not guarantee a sure win. According to D’Alambert’s system, you need to bet on simple combinations, that is red or black, even or odd, making a bet of 1 euro for example. The stake will then have to double if you lose while you have to stop if you win, thus ensuring a 50% win.

To apply thisroulette system and earn money you need to calculate how many funds are available, as for example if you do not win for ten fine spins you must have 1023 euros and then win 1024 on the next spin, if winning and earn 1 euro, 50% of the win .

The system to win at zero-hunting Roulette

It is one of the most popular online roulette winning methods and can only be used in the French variant of online roulette. This limitation for this roulette strategy is due to the fact that French roulette has only one number zero while American roulette, having in addition to zero also double zero, is not included in this system for winning at roulette.

The choice of the number 0 does not have a particular reason, it could be any number in online roulette, but for the convenience of the different color and a pinch of superstition, this roulette strategy is applied to 0. So let’s see what this roulette system consists of. . The application of this strategy to win is quite simple and consists of placing a bet on 0, double bet on one column and double bet on another column.

The two online roulette columns to bet on are initially chosen at random. Later this roulette strategy tells us that you have to bet on the columns that did not host the newly released number. We begin to understand that the bets on the two columns really only serve to cover the bet, that is to recover the money spent to hunt for 0.

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