The Casellante method is a very simple strategy to win online blackjack to apply. The method consists of observing 20 hands of online blackjack noting how many of these have been won by the dealer and how many you give by the player.

For example, if 12 out of 20 hands were won by the dealer and 8 by the player, in the next 20 hands the player is more likely to win than the dealer. This method of winning jdl online can earn you money playing , of course it is not applicable to land-based casino blackjack unless you are able to use a memorization technique to remember your plays

Method to win at Parolì’s online BlackJack

The Parolì strategy is recommended for online blackjack, always for a discussion of hand calculations. The method is easy to apply and consists in playing respecting the sequences of hands. For example, you start by betting 10 euros. If you lose you don’t play until you see a sequence of three hands in a row won by the dealer.

If your online blackjack play is a winner, the winnings must remain on the bank as it will constitute the bet for the next hand.

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Method to win online BlackJack: the SIXTH

Another online BlackJack game strategy is that of SESTO. This is a fairly simple way to win money to apply in online casinos, as you can write down your plays, but it gets more complicated if you play live blackjack.

The method begins, as in the Parolì, with the observation of six hands, noting how many were won and how many lost. If in the six observed hands, 4 hands are won by the dealer and 2 by the player, in the next six hands the player’s probability of winning is higher than that of the dealer.

Method to win online BlackJack of Figures of 10

As the name of this strategy to win at blackjack already specifies, the application of the method involves the observation of cards with value 10, therefore the 10, jacks, queens and kings. In a deck of 52 cards, there are 16 cards with a value of 10. Playing with 4 decks, 208 cards, there are 64 cards with a value of 10, for a ratio of 2.25, 144 low cards divided by 64 cards with a value of 10.

During the bets it is necessary to mark the cards that come out and remove them from these initial numbers and update the calculation. For example during the first hand played in online blackjack and there are 15 low and 4 high cards, the calculation will be 144-15 = 129 and 64-4 = 60 for a new ratio of 129: 60 = 2.15

Since the number is now less than the initial ratio, the player is more likely to receive a high card and a greater chance of winning than they had before.

Strategy to win at Seven Hands Online BlackJack

We now come to the last method to win money at online BlackJack. This is a not too famous method which consists in observing the hands played in online blackjack.

Seven hands are observed, as per the name, and you must memorize how many of these have been won by the dealer and how many by the player. The bets to be made during the next seven hands must be made on the opposite outcome to that of the observed sequence.

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